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BIFMA Certification Bangalore

BIFMA which stands for Business and Institutional furniture manufacturers association is the international association. It sets the standards for the furniture. This association is the group of industry experts. The safety and performance standards for the furniture products are developed, maintain and publish by these experts. This standard gets applied to all the business and institutional furniture, which includes moveable walls, systems furniture, tables, seating, and accessories, etc.. BIFMA certification Bangalore is the service rendered by ISO Bangalore to provide the certification of BIFMA to the customers.

Business and Institutional furniture manufacturers association, i.e. BIFMA certification is the perfect way of confidently providing reassurance to your customers about the safety of your office furniture. Also, to assure them that it is legal and fit according to the latest standards and regulations.

To get this certificate for the safety of the office furniture the customers have to register first. Through the BIFMA registration process, the customers can register themselves to get a certificate for the safety and performance of their furniture from the experts of the industry.

After registration, the next step is BIFMA testing. Here, the customers have to submit their products, i.e. furniture to an accredited testing lab. In this lab, the products get tested in the series of tests in order to assure the standards for the product.

Once the testing is done, the products get legal confirmation from the recognized experts from the furniture industry about their safety and performance as per the latest standards and regulations. Then the customer becomes the BIFMA compliance.

We are one of the best BIFMA consultants in Bangalore who are specialized in offering the customized and result-oriented solutions. The consulting firm BIFMA certification Bangalore provides the complete range of BIFMA certification standards. We provide all the necessary help regarding the BIFMA certification to the customers. We aid our customer right from the registration process to getting the compliance from BIFMA.

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